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I started writing in my college dorm room because I was so bored. I was a freshman majoring in English. I had a few stories going at the time and was so bored I wanted to write them. I wrote a story about a guy who went to a party and was so drunk he ended up in a coma and died. I wrote that story and it stayed with me for years.

Writing in college isn’t for everyone, but I loved it. I wrote in my dorm because I loved to write. I never had a teacher in my life to help me with my writing though and I think because of that, I was always interested in writing, even though I wasn’t so good at it.

I think being a writer is a very lonely business. So many people want to help and want to have others in their lives to talk to about their lives. Being a writer is an even more lonely job because you have no one to talk to.

I used to be a writer, but I wasn’t really into writing. I still read things that I thought were funny. Most of the times I was writing, but I really didn’t really like their work.

I think this is because I’m writing in a very narrow range of genres. I mean, I’m writing horror stories. I like the genre and I think it’s funny if there’s a joke made in the story, but I have a hard time with horror stories. I also love writing about people in general, but I am not much into the genre of romantic comedy. I like writing comedy, but I dont think I could write comedy that way.

I agree with you. I think the reason I dislike horror stories is because they are so narrow in their range of genres. It’s a genre. There must be a reason it isn’t fun to write.

In my opinion, your typical genre is the classic horror, except Horror Fiction. In the case of genre fiction its more of a fantasy, which I think is a bit more “traditional”, and more “horror” than horror. I think this is because the genre is so narrow in its genre-defining genre where you don’t really have a chance to put in a bit of effort. You have to make a bit of effort to make your story.

I didn’t write this.

I think you mean writing.

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