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You may have seen the nau writing commons at These are links to articles hosted on that are not publicly accessible. The nau writing commons is organized into three areas: Writing, Community and Publishing.

As far as I can tell nau writing commons are hosted on I’ve been a member of nau writing commons for a little over a year now, so I’m probably not the only one who’s seen this new site.

I’m pretty much at the end of this, but the point is that there are a few posts out there that are actually really cool. One of them is about a new website about the new nau writing commons, called, which is a cool little site that talks about the new nau writing commons and its potential for sharing ideas and information. I’m pretty sure I’ll never see it again.

What’s that? Ill think there are more posts there than there are people out there reading it.

Im sure Ill think there are more people out there reading it, and Ill probably think there are more posts out there too. But im pretty sure Ill think there are more posts out there.

The idea of first came about because of the nau writing site on the That site started out as a place where writers could chat and share ideas, but it quickly grew to be much more than that. In the beginning, the goal was simply to share ideas about what we were doing, what we might write about, and what we thought about the nau writing site. Recently, nauwriting.

Since the site grew so quickly, the original idea of the nau writing site has been replaced by the nau writing commons (a new site that aims to provide the same type of collaborative writing space). The nau writing commons is the latest iteration of a project that started out as a simple message board about some of the ideas that nau writers had. The nau writing commons has since grown into a website that has all sorts of new features.

The nau writing site is similar to nau writing commons in that it is a platform where writers can post their work. But it has also expanded to include the ability to participate in discussions and have ideas accepted. The nau writing commons has evolved from a simple message board into a vibrant community of writers, and its success is a testament to that. The nau writing commons is a unique experiment that proves that collaboration and creativity is possible through a community.

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