How to Kickstart Your Self-Publishing Book Launch Career

Do you want to relish the multidimensional bliss of witnessing your book becoming a worldwide bestseller? It can be quite intimidating for any writer when you’ve spent months on end writing your dream book, and it is finally time for you to hit the ‘publish’ button. 

Add to the list the pressure of directing people’s attention to your brand-new publication, and you’ve got yourself an arduous task to take care of! 

Whether you’re a veteran or a new writer, building a self-publishing writing career is difficult for anybody. However, here are some essential tips to get you started. 

Decide What Your Publishing Goals Are

A book launch is a multifaceted approach, requiring a ton of preparation beforehand, but the first thing to consider is defining what “success” means to you. 

Are you a hobbyist author who doesn’t want to spend too much on publishing? Or, are you someone who aspires to make a career in writing? 

For a successful book launch plan, it is critical to determine whether you want to sell a certain amount of copies for a limited time or to get all the media attention possible and create an online buzz. It doesn’t matter what your goals are; it is essential to define them beforehand. 

A Book Launch Timeline

Once you’ve predefined your goals, it’s time to get on your toes and work to achieve them. A good start is to create a definite book launch guideline that will help you cross-check every step on your list. Plenty of books in the market get a lot of attention, but they fail to sell successfully. This failure is a result of mistakes and not thinking about the most minute details. 

For example, many beginner publishers may not realize they need a tracking method for their book inventory, also known as an ISBN (International Standard Book Number). ISBNs are barcode numbers that help identify books and other types of publications. 

Build Your Publishing Team

Publishing is an ever-changing and evolving game. Being an independent author doesn’t mean doing everything alone. The more help and support you have, the more likely your book launch will bear fruit. For this reason, building a small (or large) team to help you along your journey is a worthwhile investment. For each task on your timeline, devote a specific individual or group of individuals to help out. 

Set Up a Website or Blog

Setting up a website is a must in the publishing world! It’s your primary online platform, which you will use for promotional activities and other types of communication. 

A website is an excellent way to approach your target readers and excite them about what you have in store for them. Furthermore, if you plan on writing sequels to your book, a website can be a great platform to inform your most ardent fans about your project.

Create Social Media Profiles

There’s no doubt that social media has become the golden marketing standard in today’s environment. 

Therefore, if you want to reach out to your audience and form a relationship with your readers, social media platforms are where you will create that bond with your fans.

Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms where you can find potential readers who would be interested in your material.

You can hold live virtual events to hold discussions with your readers and inform them of any new developments.

Plan Promotional Activities

Your website and social media presence are just one way to get the word out. Other promotional activities include generating book reviews, interviews, book signing tours, and readings to build a relationship with your readers. 

Your social media platforms will complement offline promotional activities, and further spread the word about your upcoming book launch. That said, before you draw your promotional plan, it is good to decide on a preliminary budget and then work things out. 

Set Up an Amazon Listing

Creating an Amazon listing will help you advertise your brand to your fans and reach a more extensive target audience base. Within just a few minutes, you can set up your book listing on Amazon and be accessible to thousands of customers online! This will help interested readers directly purchase your book from Amazon and carve the path toward your online success! 

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