based on this excerpt, what is the author’s purpose for writing?

This quote has been used in the past as a means of clarifying what the author is trying to convey in their writings. However, more recently, I’ve been using it as a means of illustrating the way a person who has a mental illness uses their illness as a way to explain the nature of their life and the world.

A person with a mental illness doesn’t have a mind. They don’t have a brain either. They have an illness that they have to live with, but they can’t even have a brain when they’re mentally ill.

This is a common way to describe a person who has a mental illness, but it also describes a person who is extremely intelligent. That’s because a person with a mental illness has a hard time with emotions. You may find it difficult to deal with your feelings when youre feeling really bad. However, if you have a mental illness, your feelings can make you feel completely at ease.

I think it’s all about the empathy, the positive side effects you get from having a mental illness. The negative side effects are worse because sometimes the person can be abusive, aggressive, and even violent (and can’t remember what happened).

While I dont think anyone should feel sorry for someone who suffers from a mental illness, I do think that mental illness is a positive thing. It can lead to a person being able to be more tolerant, flexible, and responsible.

the problem is that mental illness is often poorly understood. People with mental illnesses often have strong feelings about the things they are experiencing, but it is often harder to grasp than with other forms of illness. I can’t speak for anyone else with any mental illness, and I’m not even a psychiatrist, but I can tell you that I think it’s great that people with mental illnesses can have empathy, and it can be really helpful to others.

To me, empathy is a way of understanding. We sometimes ask ourselves, “Why didn’t I think about this before?” or “How could I have done this?” We often don’t really know the answer. The answer is, “Because I don’t know you or how you feel.” But the ability to empathize and understand others is one of the most important things I’ve learned in my life.

So the author must have a lot of experience dealing with people with mental illnesses, but that must be the point of the book, to show that empathy and understanding can be therapeutic.

I feel that when people read this book, they are going to be able to read it and think back to times when they were not so empathetic and understanding, and maybe see a little bit of themselves in the author. And this book is a start in that direction. I hope it doesn’t take too long, but I can’t wait to look forward to reading the next part. I can’t wait to read it again at this writing.

How about this? When you read this, the first thing that comes up is “I’m so sorry I took so long, but my family is going through some really bad stuff.” My family and I had a terrible night. I just had to sit down and talk to my family and see what happened. We were so sad for them. We were going to have to go back and talk to the doctor. I just couldn’t wait that long.

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